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My car looks amazing!! We recently purchased a used Audi and Distinctive Detailing made her look better than new. It is unreal how shiny it is, it really looks wet. The biggest thing is, that I know my investment is protected. Thank you Distinctive Detailing!

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I own everything from Aston Martins to McLarens. I have had my cars professionally maintained for the last 30 years. I was skeptical about trying someone new. Distinctive Detailing came highly recommended, so I decided to give them a try. WOW! No one is as meticulous and thorough as distinctive detailing. The best detailing I have ever experienced. I will never use anyone else.

Jerry B.
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Perfection is the word that describes the work of Distinctive Detailing. I have my Lamborghini, two Range Rovers, jet-ski and boat all detailed by this company. No one has ever been so focused on every detail and delivered such amazing results. I will not trust anyone but Distinctive Detailing to detail my vehicles again.

Chad P.
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Our Boat had been left outside for years before we bought it. It was in very bad shape inside and out. We got pictures throughout the transformation. Now she looks amazing and shines like a new penny. We are very happy and proud of it and the job Distinctive Detailing did!

Liz D.
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I purchased a 2 year old Black Dodge Ram that had a lot of swirl marks. Distinctive Detailing did a full 3 stage paint correction and applied a pro ceramic coating. I was amazed at the pictures I was sent during the process. My truck looked better than new. The ceramic coating exceeded my expectations, it repelled water and made cleaning my truck so much easier. After two weeks of driving it in daily conditions with rain, you could barely tell the truck was dirty. Distinctive Detailing did an amazing job even replacing all my chrome badges with gloss black ones, every detail was done. I have received many compliments and would recommend Distinctive Detailing and their pro level coatings to anyone. I will have any other future vehicles done by Distinctive Detailing as well.

George S.
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I am so thrilled at how incredible my vehicle turned our. I have spent countless hours doing my research into CQuartz, and their competitors. If you are doing the same, STOP. You've found the best coating and installer, no need to look any further. Sean is at the top of a very small group of outstanding professionals. His attention to detail is second to none, and customer service is in its own class. I was completely unprepared on how smooth CQuartz Professional came out. It was total perfection, and the water just rolls off the car. I am amazed everyday I look at it and touch it.

Chris J.
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I bought a used fiberglass boat that was severely faded inside and out. My wife and I tried to clean it up and give it a shine. We compounded it several times with no luck. I reached out to Distinctive Detailing for help. Sean came out to look at the boat and said he could fix it no problem. He did a small test spot and I was blown away. When he started on the rest of the boat, my wife and I could not believe the amount of work and incredible attention to detail. Our boat now looks like it came out of the showroom. I have never seen a detailer who pays that much attention to his work like Sean with Distinctive Detailing does. I would recommend him to anyone.

Tripp E.
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