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Distinctive Detailing, is the result of glaring deficiencies in the automotive detailing market. Our unique approach to detailing is very different than the existing detailers in the Raleigh Durham triangle area. Unlike others in the “turn and burn” carwash industry, we do not just “wash cars”. we Clean, Restore and Protect your investment. A majority of car washes and mobile detailers not only fail to clean and protect your vehicle, most are causing permanent and costly damage to your vehicle through improper washing techniques and cheap chemicals.


Through our shared passion for your vehicle and our continued commitment to you as a customer, Distinctive Detailing sets itself apart from the industry even further through customer education and our ability to supply the best detailing products on the market. This allows you to maintain your vehicle in better condition and make the washing process easier, faster and more enjoyable. Our goal is to educate and enable the customer to properly care and maintain their investment ensuring the vehicle stays that way for years to come.


International Detailing Association Certified

We are a proud to be an International Detailing Association Certified Detailer.

Rupes Certified

We are Raleigh’s 1st Rupes Certified Detailer. Validating our skills in advanced sanding and polishing techniques.

CQuartz Finest Certified

With only 200 certified installers in the USA, CQuartz Finest Coatings is the most exclusive detailing network in America and we’ve made the cut.


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