The Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in Raleigh NC

Keeping Your Car Looking And Feeling Brand New Has Never Been So Easy!

Get up to 10 years of protection with the installation of CQuartz Finest Reserve.
CQuartz is the only nano coating in Raleigh to provide a warranty that does not require you to spend hundreds of dollars on "mandatory" yearly maintenance/inspections to keep it valid.
Get ludicrously more gloss than with wax and keep your car looking shiny, clean and brand new for months in between washes.
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Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Coatings!

CQuartz Ceramic Professional Coatings

With the ever growing number of ceramic car coatings in Raleigh and Durham, it's quite normal you're having a hard time choosing which one will benefit you the most.

They not only protect your car, but they also make your car easier to wash and help keeping your car "clean" longer in between each wash. And inevitably, protecting your paint, trims, wheels and interior surfaces against aging and degradation will help in maintaining a higher resale value. Not too shabby!

But stay wary of other "wilder" claims regarding nano paint coatings, they are not these "super coatings" that can repel rock chips, bumper scuff and scratches like a paint protection film. Many experts in the care care business highly criticize these misleading claims.

So what is the truth about automotive Ceramic Coatings? What benefits do they bring? What are the limitations? Where can I find the best ceramic coating in Raleigh? Don't despair, this page is all about you, we're here to clarify it all.

Ceramic coating undergoing infrared curing
CQuartz Finest Reserve undergoing Infrared Curing for improved gloss and durability in the Distinctive Detailing shop.

What Is A Ceramic Car Coating?

A Ceramic Coating is a liquid quartz formula that is applied manually to the exterior surface of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the car's paint and create an effective and efficient layer of protection.

The bond the Ceramic Car Coating creates can be permanent or semi-permanent. This means that it will not wash away nor break down and it won't require repeated applications. In Raleigh NC, examples of such products are CQuartz, Opti-Coat and Ceramic Pro.

Mind you that a 9H Ceramic Coating is a premium wax alternative but does not substitute the need for Paint Protection Film, that is still the best protection against rock chips and scuffs.

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What Does A Ceramic Coating Do?

Simply put, a Ceramic Paint Coating in Raleigh NC creates an additional protection layer to the exterior of your vehicle and helps it look as if it was new without much of a hassle. Applying 9H Coatings to your car will make it more resistant and will make washing easier.

But what are the main benefits of ceramic coatings?

Paint inspection before nano ceramic coating installation
The Distinctive Detailing team inspecting paint before installation of CQuartz nano coating.

A waxed look, at any time

When you install a 9H Ceramic Coating, the product, by chemically bonding with your car's paint, creates a deep gloss that is persistent and does not fade away. By simply washing your car, the brilliance of your nano-coating will be revealed and the result will be as if you've just waxed your car.

Protection That Pays for Itself 

Deciding to invest in a ceramic coating installation, is a decision that benefits you in the present since it protects your car from aging and deterioration, but it will also result in higher resale value for your car.

This means that you'll invest today for something that not only provides you with an ever-shiny car but that in the future will pay you back. It's a win!

Drastically Reduced Maintenance Frequency 

By applying a ceramic coating, you'll be able to significantly reduce the time you spend washing your car. This is because ceramic paint, thanks to its anti-stick technology, prevents dirt, brake dust, bird droppings, and other contaminants from attaching to your paint.

CQuartz Ceramic Professional
CQuartz Ceramic Professional Coating
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Protection from UV damage/oxidation

When a vehicle is continuously exposed to sun, (like Raleigh's ruthless sun), the paint will suffer from oxidization, which results in faded paint, duller in color. Ceramic Paint Coating protects even against the ultraviolet rays from the sun and reducing the oxidization suffered by the paint.

Protection from Chemical Stains and Etching

Chemical Staining from naturally acidic contaminants is a common problem for your vehicle in Raleigh NC. Ceramic Car Coating can prevent contaminants to bond to your vehicle's paint. All in all, this means that your vehicle will be more resistant to etching and staining. However, you should always remove the contaminant promptly.

Enhanced Gloss

We all love glossy and shiny paint on our cars, don't we? Automotive Ceramic Coating enhances the reflective properties of your car's paint and makes it look ready for a showroom, always. Your car will look brand new as if just bought.

A Ceramic Coating installation adds value to your car.

At Distinctive Detailing NC, we offer extensive expertise on Ceramic Coatings and we are proud coating installers in Raleigh and the surrounding area.

The Best Ceramic Coating Packages in Raleigh and Durham NC!

Here at Distinctive Detailing NC, our selection of CQuartz ceramic coatings is developed by CARPRO®, one of the pioneer of auto ceramic coating technology in North America. Although the automotive ceramic coating industry is relatively  young, CARPRO® is one the oldest and experienced brand of coatings in the Raleigh and across the United-States.

CQuartz UK
CQuartz UK 3.0
 Great Protection Coating
 High Gloss, Great Hydrophobics, and Durability
 2+ Years of Protection
 2 Layers of CQuartz UK 3.0 Installed to ALL Painted Surfaces

Paint Correction and Refinement to remove scratches and swirls before coating installation.

Price $1,299

CQuartz UK
CQuartz Ceramic Coating Raleigh & Durham
 The new standard for professional grade ceramic car coating
 5+ Years of Protection
 Best-in-Class Anti-Stick & Self-Cleaning Abilities
 2 Layers of CQuartz Professional Coating Installed to ALL Painted Surfaces

Paint Correction and Refinement to remove scratches and swirls before coating installation.

Price $2,299

CQuartz Professional
Ceramic Coating Raleigh
CQuartz Finest Reserve
 10+ Years of Durability, Shine & Performance
 The most spectacular gloss available in Raleigh or Durham, North Carolina
 Best Anti-Stick & Self-Cleaning abilities of any coating
 2 Layers of CQuartz Finest Reserve Installed to ALL Painted Surfaces

Paint Correction and Refinement to remove scratches and swirls before coating installation.

Price $2,999

CQuartz Finest Reserve

Each package includes:

Comprehensive Exterior Wash including Engine Compartment Deep Cleaning and Protectant
Exterior Metal Cleaning / Light Polishing
Deep Wheel Cleaning including Wheel Wells
Multi-Step Vehicle Surface Decontamination
Plastic and Rubber Trim Deep Cleaning and Restoration
Final Decontamination Removal Wash
Paint Correction and Refinement
Surface Prep Wipe Down
Pre-Coating Inspection
Interior cleaning, protectant and vacuum
Window Cleaning
Metal Sealant Applied
Trim and Tire Protectant and Dressing

"Rarely have I ever met anyone with greater pride in their work, and it shows! Sean is a detail fanatic, from the amazing paint correction to the PPF, to the application of CQuartz Finest Reserve."
Mike Muoio

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What Are the Myths About Ceramic Coatings?

We've talked about all the good things Ceramic Coatings can provide your car with, but remember that this product will not solve every problem your car has. Yes, Ceramic Paint Coating can bring a lot of benefits to your car's exterior but it's not a miracle. Make sure you know what Ceramic Coating does not do, so you can detect some popular and misleading myths about coatings.

Paint correction before applying ceramic car coating
Sean owner of Distinctive Detailing performing a paint correction on this Porsche before installing CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic car coating.

"Ceramic Coatings Protect Against Scratches, Swirl Marks or Rock Chips" 

This is a myth. Ceramic Coating can repel small scratches, as we mentioned above in the benefits, however, a coated car will not be completely resistant to the risk of rock chips or parking lot scratches.

Some detailers in Raleighs tend to exaggerate the scratch-resistance properties of Automotive Ceramic Coatings, resulting in many disappointed customers.

Automated touch car washes or car washing techniques that are not appropriate will still create swirl marks on your car's paint, even with a Ceramic Coating.

Keep in mind that ceramic coating does not eliminate the need to properly wash your car to avoid swirl marks and it is not a substitute for serious scratches or chip protection like Pain Protection Film, also referred to as Clear Bra.

"Eliminate the Risk of Water Spotting "

In Raleigh NC and around the country a drop of water has a certain amount of minerals and dirt in it. When water drops on your car's external surface and then evaporates on the car's pain, some minerals are left which gives rise to visible spots.

Although Ceramic Coating does have hydrophobic properties that can reduce water spots, making water sliding off from the coated surface, it is no magic. There might be some drops on the vehicle that might still cause water spots.

Wash after ceramic paint coating application

"You'll Never Need to Wash Your Car Again"

We mentioned that Ceramic Coating will ease washing and will require minimal maintenance, but still, a coated vehicle will still need a wash every couple of months instead of every month with a wax or sealant. If you want to maintain a great-looking ceramic coating for years to come, it needs to be maintained.

Especially in Raleigh, your car will get dirty when driving around, let's be honest. You will still have to regularly wash your car, even when protected by a ceramic coating.

What the ceramic coating will provide you is less time spent in the washing process and will eliminate the need of having to wax your car every few months.

So, even if Ceramic Coating will not eliminate the need to wash, it will make you able to obtain better results with considerably less effort.

"Sean is absolutely great to work with. I have front-end PPF, ceramic coating, window tinting, and a center console wrap installed. All was done to perfection and the car looks amazing. Better than when I picked it up from Tesla!"
Eric Weimer
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Why CQuartz Finest Coatings are Raleigh's Best Ceramic Coatings?

An exhilarating gloss that never fades.

Experience a new level of shine that is more impressive than ever before and that will not fade out over time like car waxes or polymer sealants. You can expect up to 10 years of durability with CQuartz Finest Reserve.

Protection that pays for itself.

CQuartz is trusted by over 200,000 car owners worldwide to protect their vehicles because it creates a formidable barrier against aging, degradation and wear & tear to maximize resale value.

Increase shine. Decrease maintenance.

Underpinned by new SiO2 (quartz) technology, CQuartz creates a new standard in Anti-Stick & Self-Cleaning abilities. Resulting in drastically less time spent keeping your car clean as your paint repels and sheds away dirt & grim.

Installed by the world's top detailers

CQuartz Finest Coatings have a worldwide reputation of the highest standard amongst car enthusiasts and detailers alike due to its demanding certification procedures that ensure you get the best ceramic car coating in Raleigh NC & Durham NC.

Reduce scratches & swirl-marks

With it's hyper-slick surface and higher-resistance to impact than OEM clear-coat, CQuartz Finest Coatings effectively reduce swirl-marks, marring and light scratches.

A solid warranty you can count on

We back our installations with the best warranty available in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina!
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Frequently Asked Questions About Ceramic Car Coatings

CQuartz Finest Reserve and CQuartz Ceramic Professional coatings.
CQuartz Finest Reserve and CQuartz Professional can be purchased exclusively through a CQuartz Finest Certified Installer.

Can Anyone Install a Ceramic Car Coating? 

If you want to have your car to be protected for the longest amount of time, you should get your coating installed by professionals only. The only companies that offer Ceramic Coating Installations are accredited detailing businesses.

Because of ceramic coatings hardness, if something goes wrong in the installation, only wet sanding will be able to fix it. Because of the high level of risk, to become an accredited detailer is quite a process.

To be able to install the protective coat on your car's paint, detailers need to prove their expertise. Finding the right detailer is essential in having peace of mind and know that you are in the "right hands".

Most of the ceramic coating companies have a "prosumer" version of their flagship coating offered to DIY detailers. Even if it seems pretty easy to apply it is still not the best idea to do it yourself.

The thing is that the application is quite tricky and you need a particularly clean environment with perfect lighting to avoid screwing up during the process.

Unless you have plenty of experience with paint correction, we strongly advise you to leave these coatings to professionals only.

Even if the prosumer products are milder in their composition and might not need wet sand to be removed, they might require compounding and polishing in case of leftover high spots.

Always reach out professionals for this kind of job, it is not always as easy as it looks and the risks of messing it up are quite high.

CQuartz Finest Reserve
CQuartz Finest Reserve

Can a Ceramic Coating be Installed on a Brand New Car without Paint Correction? 

You wished brand new vehicles are without defects when delivered, but sadly, it is not always the case. Sanding marks and holograms in a car's paint are pretty common even at the dealership.

In some cases, maintenance might be needed after the car leaves the factory due to problems arising during the painting process. However, because of the lack of investment from car companies to properly fix these problems, under certain lighting, the marks will be visible.

Furthermore, when a car sits on a dealer's lot for a long time, it might have been improperly washed at the dealership, meaning that you might purchase a car with swirl marks. These problems apply to any car company, from Hyundai to Ferrari. Your car's paint needs to be properly maintained, checked and corrected before it is ready for a coating, no matter if it is new or used.

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Is a Ceramic Coating Good for your Car? 

Depending on what your goals are, a ceramic coat is good for your vehicle. For example, if you are one of those people dreaming of glossy paint, a perfect looking car without having to spend too much time on maintenance, the ceramic coating is good for your car.

We described the benefits of ceramic coating above so you already know that they provide you with better protection than any wax or sealant and they enhance your car shininess.

What we haven't talked about yet is that they can last from 1 to 10 years, depending on the type of coating you select and the maintenance you'll provide your car with.

All in all, applying a Ceramic Coating to your car will give your car's paint protection, gloss, and longevity.

Audi receiving installation of a ceramic coating.

How Much Does a Ceramic Coating Cost in Raleigh NC or Durham NC?

You want your ceramic coating to be applied by a properly trained and certified professional for your nano-coating to provide enhanced durability, protection, and hydrophobicity to your car's paint.

In Raleigh NC or Durham NC, you can expect to pay from $750 for entry-level installations and upwards of $1500+ for higher-end and more robust ceramic coatings. The specialized equipment is costly but the results will be more than worth it. The costs of getting your car coated depend on the conditions of your vehicle and its size, but also on the brand and type of coating you choose.

Check out our ceramic coating packages here.

Can a Ceramic Paint Coating Damage my Paint?

Ceramic coating is similar to your clear-coat, so it will not damage your exterior, it will protect it instead. But just like the clear coat, if not properly installed, ceramic paint coating will leave visible residues that create orange-peel, blurriness or mirages.

The residues will not damage the paint but will have an impact on the appearance of your exterior. With proper installation, however, the results will be much better than with clear-coat.

We always recommend getting automotive ceramic coatings installed professionally.

So How Can You Benefit From All this Information?

Before making a decision you should be informed about the different benefits a ceramic coating delivers, and stay aware of outlandish claims. And vetting your coating installers experience and know-how is primordial to successfully purchase a ceramic coating that will perform as per the manufacturers specifications.

Poor installations will cut down by years the durability of any coating. Choose an educated and honest installer and you will know that your coating will be installed according to the manufacturer's requirement. If you want to get your car protected with the best expert in paint protection in Raleigh, choose Distinctive Detailing NC and get a quote today!

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International Detailing Association Certified
We are a proud to be an International Detailing Association Certified Detailer.
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